Donate to Boutique


We have a Baby Boutique and Maternity Boutique that need supplies!
It is through the generous donations of our community that we can provide the
clothing and supplies during pregnancy and the first year of a baby’s life for our
clients. Each week we have moms and dads come in to get the supplies they need to
care for their baby. 

We need your help!

1.We need donations of gently used maternity clothes. We accept all sizes.
2.We need donations of new supplies for women: pajamas, underwear and
3.We need donations of new baby clothes up to 24 months sizes. All
4.We need donations of baby supplies: Diapers (disposable and cloth), wipes,
shampoo, lotions, diaper creams, powder, pacifiers, baby food, wash cloths,
towels, receiving blankets, warm blankets, crib sheets, bibs, bathtubs, diaper
5.We need donations of new baby clothes up to 6 months sizes. 


For safety reasons we cannot accept:
Cribs, mattresses, strollers, highchairs, car seats, play pens, furniture, stuffed
animals, toys.
All donations can be dropped off at suite 220 from 9am-5pm Monday through Friday.

Get creative! Get a group together and have a party!
Women’s groups, student groups, youth groups, neighborhood groups and churches
can have a baby shower for the Centre. If you would like to gather a group of people
together who want to provide for the practical needs of our clients, contact us. One
of our staff will be happy to attend the event.
We often have people choose to collect boutique donations for the Centre in lieu of
receiving birthday gifts. We truly appreciate our communities’ generous hearts.