Parenting Education


 UPBeing a parent can be one of life’s most rewarding and yet challenging experiences. Most of our staff and volunteers are parents and so we understand that every parent needs some extra help at times. We are here to support you as you take on the responsibility of caring for a new life.

Whether you have one child, several, or are expecting your first baby, there is no end to learning about parenting. The lessons are as many as the surprises parents get raising children. Our parenting appointments are 60 minutes one-on-one sessions with one of our parenting coaches who will talk with you about your questions and concerns and offer continuing support as you take care of your infant or toddler.




First Trimester

Second Trimester

Third Trimester

Prenatal Care

Eating for Two

Single Parenting

Smoking During Pregnancy

Ultra Sounds

What is Safe During Pregnancy

Bonding With Your Unborn Baby

Your Changing Body

Looking at Adoption

Reducing the Risk of SIDS

Getting Ready for Baby


Parenting Ed2

Newborn care

Caring for yourself

Car seat safety


Labour and delivery

Interventions and Labour

Infant care after birth

Infant massage

Understanding your baby's cry

Bonding with your baby

Bathing and sleeping

Parenting with respect


Your healthy baby

Ready to learn

The Happiest Baby on the Block

The first years last forever

The parent – child relationship

Safe from the start

Quality child care

Talk, play, music and reading

Emergency First Aid

Emergency First Aid illness

Food for growth

Your baby’s development

Preventing sexual abuse

Shaken baby syndrome

Your baby can sleep

Discipline: teaching limits with love

Breastfeeding: returning to work

Toilet training