How We Help

how we help

How we helps those affected by porn:

We offer non judgmental, completely confidential, relationship focused supportive counselling. We use an effective, proven model of scientific, emotional, spiritual and practical steps to help people find life long healing.

  • • Supportive Counselling
  • • Structured Recovery program
  • • Inside out healing
  • • Ongoing support and accountability



When you come to the centre:

If you have been affected by porn or if your partner is addicted to porn, we encourage you to come to Open Door Centre. The centre is a safe, confidential place and our supportive counsellors are specifically trained to support you on the journey of discovering life long healing from the affects of pornography. We offer accurate information, resources and judgement free support. Contact us today to request an appointment and we will schedule you a time as soon as we have a supportive counsellor available.


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