How We Help

how we help

How we helps those affected by porn:

With our non judgmental, completely confidential, and relationship focused mentorship method, we want to ensure that those coming in for help feel like they are going to leave with a new sense of hope. We use a very effective and proven model of spiritual, scientific, emotional, and practical steps to help one find life long healing.

  • • Relational mentoring
  • • Structured Recovery program
  • • Inside out healing
  • • On going support
  • • Awareness presentations



When you come to the centre:

If you have been affected by porn in any magnitude, we encourage you to come to Open Door Centre. The centre is a safe and confidential place. We are here for you to offer you accurate information, resources and judgement free support. You will be received by our very warm and welcoming receptionist. Our reception area is comfortable and we have a wide selection of delicious and relaxing teas that you are welcome to have. A support worker will will come get you from the reception and walk with you to one of our private rooms where the two of you can talk. We offer continuous support so we welcome you to come again after the first visit. You can agree with the support worker on which day and time you are available to schedule your next appointment.


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